10 dic. 2017

December; years ends with cold in bones & starting new songs

Hello dears listeners :P

Here is my new work and the mystery I promised

There is a dark Mix set that must be in light, think about a prime number that must be in white

If there is someone answer my "enigma" xD i do a special mix set for him

See you all and hope you listen to me! Enjoy time!

*Secret tip: When i was a child the number 1 were a prime number or i learn that by error....mind is not perfect :P

20 oct. 2017

This October: late autum

Hello everyone, here is my new mix set, done few days ago. I have chosed betwen 3 mixes that I have created this month. I have tried something you know I like, "housing deeper" :P
Hope you'll enjoy. And remember, all the personal opinions, feedback, an advice... all are wellcome!

14 sept. 2017

16 ago. 2017

All about music and Cats!

Suara Music is a music label maded with care and a bunch of faith and dreams by a man named Iván Ramos aka Coyu.

Well, the real thing is that, I dont have idea about that man, his history, or how he did made Suara Music one of the tops music labels at this moment ("Bunch of faith and dreams" are only words with poetic license :P )
But its tracks ... well, its very very need that if your intention is to get into the world of electronic dance music, no matter if you like more house or chose techno or you mix EDM or any other style, you must know about Suara Music. The reason, the quality of production and the very coolness of tracks. Incredible. I dance Suara tracks all time i can. With that affirmation, I should not say anything else.

And with that advice I present my new mix set. SyG August 2017 (04) with all tracks minus 2 from this label. Hope you will enjoy and, if you can, dance it :)