8 may. 2016

'Jujai du yu wan?' - 'So LOUD!'

New Entrms podcast

49' 56'' total time of mix:

Soundcloud  ListeningEntrms-=>5                      

Entrms 5 (00:25:41)                
Entrms 6 (00:24:15)

Sr.Nikotine and Locomotora
 -~-~-~-Mad in motion-~-~-~-

29 abr. 2016

(What's new, old man)

Made with Traktor digital, only mouse, not preaudio monitor, I haven’t (and don’t want too have) any production method other than that way of mix.
I enjoy more the turntable mixes, but don’t have money for buy it and haven’t sufficient experience or knowledge too made a real session.
Mixed "by eye" the 
Thursday 28 oapril
Share this mix and enjoy.

Nikotine & Once16 production.