12 feb. 2018

February 2018. New year, old boy.

Hi everyone that stay here.
Pass month i get older, but younger in fact, like all years :)
I´m doing a new life project, with new objectives and lot of illusion, and must get a rest from everything in January. That's the cause i haven´t upload a new entrace. But in February i´m back, full of energy :P
Here is my new mix set, ~30 minutes of deep underground sound.
Stay tune in and enjoy life!!!

10 dic. 2017

December; years ends with cold in bones & starting new songs

Hello dears listeners :P

Here is my new work and the mystery I promised

There is a dark Mix set that must be in light, think about a prime number that must be in white

If there is someone answer my "enigma" xD i do a special mix set for him

See you all and hope you listen to me! Enjoy time!

*Secret tip: When i was a child the number 1 were a prime number or i learn that by error....mind is not perfect :P

20 oct. 2017

This October: late autum

Hello everyone, here is my new mix set, done few days ago. I have chosed betwen 3 mixes that I have created this month. I have tried something you know I like, "housing deeper" :P
Hope you'll enjoy. And remember, all the personal opinions, feedback, an advice... all are wellcome!

14 sept. 2017