30 may. 2017

De antenas FM y lobulos temporales

Hi dancing fellows, I'm typing at 1:15 AM of 30 thursday, May. I know, i told you that there's will be a post every month and the month its not over yet but... who cares about that :)
Here's my new stuff, 25 minutes mix set with tracks from Atoms for peace, other electronic music face of the genius Thom York from Radiohead
I hope you'll enjoy at least a part that i enjoyed mixing it ;)
Se you son!

8 may. 2017

SyG ITS BACK! 2017

Hello everyone and welcome to my dance music blog. 

I  have restarted again, with a single post, every month and a short mix piece at least of 20 minutes, 
They have mixed by myself ;  you know that I do this for fun, trying to improve more . 

I hope you enjoy it, all opinions are welcome.